Wednesday, 31 August 2011

wondering what is to be done

It's been a month since my last blog and it seems just yesterday!
There are three of you who read this drivel so thank you for that; I wonder how I can get more readers?

In the last month 'The Apostles' has been published as an e-book by Laughing Horse Books on Kindle and Electric Egg have made a trailer and a short documentary for this. I'm busy getting all my work ready for e-book publication and working on novel number 8 ... but all this is very trivial as compared with the 'real world'.

Victory for the 'rebels' in Libya.
Massacres and torture of protesters in Syria.
Tories continuing to dismantle the welfare state.
Riots and looting on the streets.
Independent Abortion counselling for women being aborted by the Tory right.
And this is officially the last day of summer!

I'm really not very cheerful today - sorry.
I'll try harder next time.

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