Saturday, 23 July 2011

It's a sad day and not just for Norway

I wanted to talk about News International, News Corp and Murdoch's Sky but that'll have to wait for a moment.

It's sad to think that the first reaction to the tragedy in Norway with 91 dead was that it was an Islamist induced outrage. It looks as if the atrocity has been committed by a white male Norwegian in his early thirties. It's alleged that he's a Christian fundamentalist and right wing fanatic. It's probably better that we wait and see before falling into the same pit of prejudice.
I feel the utmost sympathy for the parents of the young people and the families of all the others killed yesterday. Why can someone feel the necessity to do this? The Norwegian Foreign Minister said on the radio that the perpetuator must be mentally ill - it's hard not to agree with such a sentiment but ... Norway is described as an 'open and free society' and everyone wants to keep it that way - let's hope they can. Just a small question of slight importance in the circumstances: can a capitalist society be 'open and free'?

Just a brief thought on SKY TV in the UK.
I'm disgusted but not surprised by the illegal behaviour, lying and obfuscation perpetuated by Murdoch's media. The question is 'what is to be done?' I like watching sport on TV and it's pretty much a given that if I want to do that I have to pay Sky for the privilege. I've just stopped, cancelled my subscription to SKY and BSkyB as I'm damned if I'm giving Murdoch any of my money.
So what else is to be done? Stop buying Murdoch's products? Go on, I dare you!
It's a forlorn hope but what the hell - one drop in the ocean is more than nothing at all.

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